Ceramics and crystals have long been used as an alternative form of healing.

Research has shown crystals to have a positive impact on one's health by
healing body, mind and spirit. By merely holding crystals in your hand or wearing them, you can lower stress levels thus improving health status even more.

Crystals are natural gems that contain beneficial minerals for the body. They help restore balance in the energy field which is known as 'Chi' in Chinese medicine. Besides crystals, there are also other types of stones such as rose quartz, amethyst and hematite among others that work the same way.

Rose quartz crystals are pinkish crystals found all over the world; in fact they are one of the most common crystals. Rose quartz crystals have a very positive charge and can be used for relieving stress by simply holding them in your hand or placing them around the house. They are delicate crystals that help to balance emotions which helps reduce anxiety and fear while promoting peace of mind.

Rose quartz crystals also increase self-love, self-care and confidence; they
promote wellness in relationships, open heart chakra thus making this crystal perfect for those with strained relationships who need to rebuild trust, security and love.

Hematite crystals are black crystals found mostly on beaches as sand is one of its main ingredients. These crystals have almost the same effect with rose quartz crystals but instead of balancing emotion hematite crystals will strengthen it especially when dealing with fear or anger.

Hematite crystals are also more powerful than rose quartz crystals and they can help to balance the energy in the body by grounding it thus reducing stress levels, depression and anxiety.

Amethyst crystals are crystals that promote health healing, spiritual growth and love among others; these crystals will not only boost your spiritual awareness but they will also work together with other crystals you may have to lower stress levels in a more efficient way such as the hematite crystals mentioned above.

Amethysts have a very good healing powers especially for individuals
undergoing any psychological and/or emotional issues as it creates an inner
peace which helps restore calmness when dealing with panic attacks, stress and fears among others. When worn on or others.

Crystals that are reddish in colour such as garnets crystals and tourmaline
crystals are fire crystals and will help to boost your energy levels. Fire crystals are normally used to purify the body thus getting rid of negative energies; they can be placed under your pillow while you sleep or worn around the wrist to heal fast. These crystals will also help bring self-love, compassion, forgiveness and strength especially for individuals healing from disease or illness. Wearing them or placing them near water sources makes these crystals charged hence increasing their function which is very helpful when trying to deal with stress levels. Tourmaline crystals have a wide range of colours like green, red black and blue among others depending on where they were formed but all tourmalines crystals have a very high energy level. Tourmaline crystals are normally used to purify the aura, therefore they are ideal crystals for those with spiritual healing sessions. They will help you balance emotions hence reducing anxiety levels .

The crystals mentioned above and others like them have been used as an
alternative form of healing from ancient times up until now; it is said that
crystals can emit electromagnetic rays which heal individuals by providing
various health benefits. Crystals work best when placed or worn on the body around the wrist, neck or ankle area; ensure crystals are facing towards your heart for maximum effect especially if you want to lower stress levels quickly. As earlier mentioned crystals possess unique powers that help in improving physical and mental health which is why they should not be left out when trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

When crystals are placed around the home they will help eliminate negative
energy and if crystals are worn close to the body while walking or moving
around, crystals function as weight loss crystals by helping you burn excess fat quickly with little to no effort; crystals also boost your confidence levels which is very helpful in improving interpersonal relationships among other things.

Crystals can be used against all diseases including cancer because of their
positive vibrations hence promoting wellness, but ensure that crystals you use intreating cancer have the same healing properties; it's recommended that individuals seek advice from a professional before using crystals for curing any disease including cancer.

Crystal jewellery is easy to obtain as you can make them yourself with the right design and crystals as long as you have the patience to sit back and do nothing else. When crystals are being made it is recommended that crystals be cleansed with sage smoke before making jewellery out of them; crystals can also be cleansed using water, but we recommend sage because crystals will absorb sage faster than they will water in order to remove any negative energies thus preventing these from being re-emitted while wearing or carrying crystal jewellery which could affect your health negatively. To make amethyst wand crystals you require 1 pound or 500 grams of purple quartz crystals, 30 ml of distilled water and one tablespoon coconut oil.

Put aside half a cup of the purple quartz crystals for personal use later on; add 50 ml distilled water to the crushed crystals and mix them thoroughly before adding the crystals and the remaining 50 ml of water to a pressure cooker. Place crystals in the pot carefully and ensure that crystals are not too close together; ensure crystals are packed tightly. Close lid on pressure cooker, heat crystals for 40 minutes and allow crystals to cool slowly overnight.

When you remove crystals from pot then wash them with cold distilled water to remove all oils/ waxes from crystals which will leave them ready for use without having a foul smell or taste. Place half a cup of crushed purple quartz crystals into a bowl after cleaning it; add one tablespoon coconut oil into same bowl containing crystals while making sure crystals don't get burnt during this process which should take approximately half an hour or so depending on your patience level. Mix crystals and coconut oil together using a spoon until crystals are completely coated with the coconut oil; leave crystals for one hour before removing crystals into colander after which crystals will be ready to use as amethyst wands.

You can now offer crystal jewellery to loved ones who suffer from chronic stress levels or anxiety in order to improve their health, but ensure that crystals you buy have healing properties so that they can treat your loved one's illness naturally without side effects .

Ensure crystals are cleansed with sage smoke or water prior to making them into jewellery in order to remove negative energy which may affect your health negatively if allowed get absorbed by crystals.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, stress can take a toll on the body. It is important to find ways to keep oneself relaxed and healthy in order to maintain one's physical well-being. Research has shown crystals have had a positive impact by healing not only the body but also mind and spirit. By merely holding them or wearing them, you can lower your stress levels thus improving your mental health even more.

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