It's no secret that love and relationships are important in everyone's life. Building a relationship with your loved ones, friends and family is a priority in most people's lives. The best way to maintain healthy relationships is by being positive, respectful and understanding towards your loved ones.

Unfortunately, life is not always about positivity and there are times where people can feel stressed or find themselves in a negative state. This negativity can affect relationships with your loved ones because you may be irritable, moody and unapproachable when in this behaviour pattern.

This is where crystal jewellery comes into play! Crystal jewellery can be used as an aid for this process of building strong bonds with others. When you wear these pieces of crystal jewellery, they will infuse energy into your body and mind. This energy will be useful in building strong relationships with your loved ones by enhancing positivity, respectfulness and understanding.

It will help you balance emotions that are linked to love such as loyalty, devotion, patience and trustworthiness. It's very helpful for people who have had past negative experiences in their lives where they were betrayed by their friends or partners. The way you feel about your partner, the strength of your connection, and the union between you can all be enhanced by wearing crystals.

In this blog post, we have compiled a list of our top 5 favourite crystal pieces to make it easier for you to find what suits your needs best. The crystal jewellery that is used for this purpose includes amethyst, rose quartz, and sodalite necklaces among many others which you can purchase online at JustRARA today!

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known for its calming and soothing properties. This beautiful pink stone is made up of silicon dioxide which is associated with helping you connect to your inner child. It's the perfect crystal for anyone who has suffered due to past negative experiences and wants a positive outlook in life. It is a great stone to use when you're feeling stressed, anxious or sad because of the loving energy it emits. The rose quartz necklace with gold plated leaves makes an excellent gift idea for your loved one who needs some peace and calm in their life right now.


Amethyst is recommended by mystics for its high spiritual vibration. It can clear your mind and still your thoughts so that you can get back in tune with yourself again. It can help you to reach a meditative state, access your subconscious mind and release anything that might be holding you back from achieving true happiness. The amethyst necklace with gold plated leaves is an excellent gift for anyone who is going through some difficult times in their life right now!


Sodalite enhances clarity of thought as well as positive self-expression. It will help you to speak your mind without hurting anyone in the process. If negativity is being expressed within a relationship, then wearing this necklace can be an effective way of bringing positivity back into it again. Sodalite is also used by some people as an aid during meditation because of its soothing properties. Its calming influence can bring clarity to your mind after a stressful day at work or during times where you are feeling anxious about making important decisions in life.

Blue Topaz

The blue topaz pendant is an excellent piece of crystal jewellery for building trust with your loved ones because it emits the calming energy that soothes both yourself and those close to you. Topaz is also known as the gemstone of truth because it can bring clarity and honesty in your life so that you can always be truthful towards yourself and others without hurting anyone's feelings along the way. It will bring clarity into any communication or situations where misunderstandings might be taking place, allowing for constructive solutions that are beneficial to everyone involved.


Sapphire has the properties of protecting you from negative influences. It emits positive energy that will surround you with love and compassion, bringing calmness to any situation in your life where negativity is present. This stone also connects you to spiritual realms which can help enhance telepathic abilities when it comes to communicating with others without having to say a word out loud. The blue sapphire pendant with 18-carat gold plated leaves will make an excellent gift for your loved one who needs some assistance in bringing more positivity into their life! 

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