When you think of crystal jewellery, what comes to mind? Sparkling jewels, elegant necklaces and bracelets, luxurious earrings - these are the things that most people imagine. But there is another side to this type of jewellery - one which many people don't know about. Crystal jewellery is believed by some cultures to be an especially powerful way of attracting wealth and money!

The use of crystals in jewellery stretches back to ancient times, with evidence that the ancients used them as amulets and talismans for good luck. Of course, different cultures have their own beliefs about what makes a crystal powerful - but all agree that they are special stones that contain energy or positive power. They believe this energy can be harnessed to benefit the wearer.

Several crystal jewellery items are considered especially effective at attracting good fortune. In this blog post, we are going to share with you the crystals that can help attract wealth and money to your life, or as we called them, the abundance crystals.

Why do you need Abundance Crystals?

Many people believe that wealth and happiness go hand in hand. If you're not happy, it's difficult to be wealthy, because money doesn't bring joy on its own. It can also be hard to attract good luck into your life if you aren't feeling positive or fulfilled! This is why we recommend that anyone who wants more money should add some crystal jewellery into their life. It can help to balance your energy and make you feel good about your future, increasing the chances that money will come in!

The crystals we recommend for attracting wealth and money

Moonstone - This is a great all-rounder when it comes to crystals. Its name derives from the fact that this stone is believed to absorb the energy of the moon, which is why it's considered especially powerful in January and July. It has a calming effect on its wearer, helping them to feel more relaxed about their life, luck and future - this can make you much more likely to attract good things into your life!

Citrine - This stone is known to be extremely protective. It can help to shield you from negativity and bad luck, which is what makes it especially useful for attracting wealth into your life! Citrine crystals are also believed to increase creativity, which helps when it comes to finding new ways of increasing your money or coming up with a plan that will bring more good fortune into your world.

Amethyst - Amethysts are known to be the luckiest of all crystals! They can help attract many different types of positive energy, including wealth and money. These stones also have calming abilities, which again makes it easier for you to feel relaxed about your future.

Jade - Jade is believed to protect you from negative feelings and bad thoughts. It's also said that jade will help its wearer feel purer in their intentions, meaning they can attract positive energy into their life with greater ease!

Aventurine - This stone is believed to help people feel lucky! It can encourage you to take risks and make more positive decisions, which will lead to opportunities that could increase your wealth.

How should you wear Abundance Crystals?

There are a few different ways that you can wear these crystals to help attract wealth into your life.

Firstly, they make wonderful jewellery items! Wearing one of them as a necklace or bracelet will ensure their energy is always touching your skin. This helps you to feel calm and positive, which can positively affect your life.

Secondly, you could try wearing them on specific days of the week that are believed to be especially lucky for attracting wealth into your life. We have already mentioned above that amethyst is known as the luckiest crystal of all - so why not wear it every day? You might also want to check out the days of January and July for other good luck crystals.

Thirdly, you could try setting up an altar or space in your home that is dedicated to attracting money and success into your life - we have a few suggestions here about how this can be done! Place some crystals on it as well as objects and symbols that you feel drawn to. This will help to keep the energy surrounding your new altar and its purpose positive.

Fourthly, have a go at making your own crystal jewellery! We have some suggestions here about how you can do this. This will help you to wear the crystals and their energy close to your skin as well as give them an extra special meaning - something that only you will know about!

How to take care of your abundance crystal?

We recommend that you cleanse your crystals regularly. This will help to keep them free from any negative energy, which can block their ability to attract good fortune into your life! The best way is just to give it a quick rinse under running water or place it in the sun for an hour - this should be enough to blast out all of its bad vibes! You can also place your crystals in a bowl of sea salt and water overnight to clear them too.

You should cleanse your crystals at least once a month, but we recommend that you do it more often if possible - especially if they start feeling less powerful or their sheen starts fading.

I hope this blog post has given you some insight into which crystals can be used for attracting wealth and money, as well as how to wear them in order to get the most out of their powers! They make great items of jewellery that can look fantastic with almost any outfit.

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Posted by RARA


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