Do you ever feel like you lack confidence? Crystal Jewellery can help give you that little boost when you need it the most!

This article will look at healing crystal jewellery, which can improve your well-being and help you feel more confident!

1. AGATE CRYSTAL: healing properties and metaphysical healing uses. Agate is a healing crystal that will help you gain self-awareness, strength and understanding of your own feelings. It helps to remove energy blockages from the body and encourage healing by drawing negative energies out through the eyes. Wearing agate jewellery helps to balance emotional situations, such as stress and anxiety, allowing you to feel more at ease in yourself. Agate healing crystal promotes growth on all levels; emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. This amazing healing crystal can be used to eliminate viruses or bacteria within the body if placed directly on affected areas.

2. BROWN CALCITE: healing properties and metaphysical healing uses. Brown calcite healing crystal is associated with the earth and joy. This crystal healing stone can also be used to cure ailments of the skin, hair, teeth, bones and reproductive organs and can even alleviate chronic diseases. Brown calcite crystals are a healing crystal that work on your root chakra as well as all other chakras in your body. It will clear out blockages from any part of your body or mind; this makes it an amazing healing crystal.

3. CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL: healing properties and metaphysical healing uses Clear quartz healing crystals are called master healer crystals because they amplify energy and purify the aura within your own being; helping you to achieve physical healing through healing your past emotional pain. Clear quartz healing crystals are powerful healing stones and can be used in healing layouts to repair body ailments or illnesses such as cancer, asthma, poverty, etc.

4. PHANTOM QUARTZ CRYSTAL: healing properties and metaphysical healing uses Phantom quartz is one of my favourite healing stones because it can be used as a protective crystal.

5. BLUE CALCITE CRYSTAL: healing properties and metaphysical healing uses Blue calcite crystal is a healing crystal that helps you feel more positive about yourself and others. This healing stone can help to diminish depression by encouraging optimism and reason; it will also remove negativity from the environment around you. Blue calcite healing crystal also helps you manifest what you want in life; this healing crystal will allow you to see what blocks are preventing you from achieving your goals so that they can be removed permanently. Blue calcite healing crystal can be used when healing layouts are designed to cure chronic diseases, such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

This healing crystal is an amazing stone to use when healing layouts are being designed for healing the pancreas, liver and stomach. It will help you release emotions associated with eating disorders such as fear of food or a lack of appetite.

The healing properties that blue calcite healing crystal carries can help heal any illnesses or conditions relating to the chest area, including heart disease, lung diseases, asthma etc. This healing stone promotes positive healing energy throughout your body so that ailments associated with allergies can also be healed; it works on all chakras within your body but mainly focuses on the third eye and crown chakra.

6. CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL (MOONSTONE): healing properties and metaphysical healing uses Clear Quartz is the most common healing stone that you will find on this website because it has so many
wonderful healing properties; therefore I have decided to put it in two

If you’ve been feeling like you need a little pick me up, or if your mind is troubled and not at peace, it may be time to seek out some healing crystal jewellery. There are many different types of crystals with various properties that can help improve your mental well-being as well as provide relief from stress and anxiety. In the end though, all this really matters is finding something that resonates with you on an emotional level so make sure to explore these options thoroughly before making any decisions. Once you find what's right for you, get ready for a boost in confidence! You'll never want to go back! Shop now at our website and experience how we have helped others heal themselves through their own personal selection.

Posted by RARA


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