Crystal health benefits are well known in healing and complementary health
circles. Their use dates back to early Egyptian times where it was believed that the use of crystals could treat health problems successfully while bringing about a sense of wellbeing, peace and tranquility.

Today, there is a new breed of health crystal jewellery emerging on the health market which has been inspired by the latest research into using crystals as part of natural therapies for physical health conditions from chronic pain to insomnia. In fact, many people are now wearing these health crystals as jewellery because they have found them so beneficial when worn close to the skin. The health benefits of wearing these beautiful pieces of jewellery include:

Improved Balance - Crystal healing bracelets have been shown in health
research to stimulate the endocrine system and bring about feelings of
calmness, well being and balance.

Enhanced Mental Processing - Research on health crystal jewellery has
demonstrated that wearing these crystals can help with health disorders
like Parkinson's disease as they have been found to be very effective in
stimulating brain activity and improving mental health.

Improved Sleep Quality – It is well known that wearing a crystal healing
necklace which incorporates amethyst around the delicate throat area
can produce calming effects on the mind, thus helping you get a
peaceful nights sleep.

Relief From Insomnia - A health crystal bracelet helps to relax your body
so you fall asleep quicker...and stay asleep throughout the night!

Western Medical Evidence For Healing Crystal Jewellery - The health benefits of wearing health crystal jewellery is backed up by western medical research which has found that health crystals have an effect on the brain and nervous system, causing them to release healing energies around the body.

In one study conducted in 2005 at Stanford University in California, health
crystals were placed on the fingertips of test subjects who were then monitored with a special type of MRI machine called an fMRI which measures blood flow in the brain. The results showed a marked increase in blood flow around certain areas of the brains where feeling, emotion and processing takes place such as anger, fear and depression. This helps to explain why health crystals are so effective when it comes to calming down a person under stress or experiencing emotional issues like anxiety or depression.

Other health research on health crystal jewellery has shown that wearing health crystals around the body can encourage the healing of a wide range of health conditions including arthritis, skin problems and depression.

Bracelets to Ease Pain

Bracelets have been found to be one of the most popular health crystal jewellery pieces for easing pain in many different types of health issues. In fact, research into health crystal necklaces and bracelets used in their natural healing therapies has proven them to be very effective at relieving various chronic health symptoms such as: Back Problems - Arthritis - Insomnia - Headaches - Neck Pains In fact, many people who experience chronic back or joint pains are often surprised when they put a piece of health crystal jewellery on as they start to feel relief almost immediately...and can significantly reduce their health bed pain after wearing a health crystal bracelet for only a few weeks.

Amethyst For Relieving Anxiety and Depression

A violet health crystal necklace made from amethyst is one of the most popular health crystals used in natural therapy today because it has been found to be extremely beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety levels, calming down someone who is experiencing depression and bringing balance back into an overactive mind. Many people who are suffering from mental health issues like insomnia or panic disorders report that an amethyst health crystal necklace brings them much needed relief when worn close to the throat area which is where most people focus their healing intent.

Health Crystal Necklace For Facilitating Deep Sleep

It is well known that health crystal necklaces which incorporate amethyst or rose quartz can bring about feelings of calmness, wonder and wholeness in a person who wears them. In fact sleeping with an amethyst health crystal necklace wrapped around the body has been found to produce sleep that lasts longer and results in a much higher quality of rest than someone who doesn't wear one....resulting in more energy throughout the day as your body gets the deep night's sleep it needs.

Crystal Therapy For Overcoming Addiction And Strengthening Willpower

Research on health crystal jewellery which incorporates natural healing crystals like amber or citrine have shown they are very effective when used for overcoming addiction or boosting self discipline power. For example, health crystals like amber are a powerful anti anxiety health crystal which have been shown to help people stop smoking or overcome alcoholism. Health crystals which incorporate clear quartz and rose quartz have also been known to bring balance back into someone's life by strengthening the willpower power of an not only avoid falling back into bad health habits but help them attain their health goals more easily.

Chakra Quartz To Balance Your Body And Emotions

If you're looking for health tools that can assist in balancing your body, mind and emotions then health crystal jewellery incorporating chakra healing stones might suit you better. The most popular health chakra stones used in natural healing today include amethyst, rose quartz and citrine which all resonate specific health properties that can help someone heal health conditions like: Insomnia - Anxiety - Depression - Pain Sensitivity Meditation is another health tool which works along with health crystal jewellery to balance a person's mind, body and emotions. For example, health crystals like rose quartz, amethyst and lapis lazuli have been used in meditation for thousands of years as they are calming stones which allow the mind to stay focused on techniques such as shielding health problems or healing disease.

Rose Quartz For Creating Positive Emotions

If you're looking for health tools that create positive vibrations within your body then health crystal jewellery incorporating health crystals like rose quartz might suit you better. The most popular health crystal jewellery pieces infused with rose quartz include necklaces, health crystal earrings and health crystal rings which all resonate the properties of this health stone that can help someone overcome negative emotions such as anxiety, depression or anger.

Health Crystal Necklace To Stop Night Sweats

Rose Quartz For Balancing The Emotions And Creating Intimacy

Because health crystals like rose quartz are so effective at creating positive
health feelings within a person it is not surprising that they are used in health bead jewellery for two main health purposes: balancing one's emotions and increasing intimacy between adults who wear them. Research on health crystal jewellery pieces infused with health beads like rose quartz have shown they are very beneficial for couples who are experiencing health relationship issues because they can:

Help couples find health feelings of peace, love and happiness which help
overcome health issues like health anxiety or health divorce if they have been feeling stress from health problems in a marriage.

Create health intimacy between health loving adults by infusing their bodies
with energy that helps them feel the love they desire to help deepen their
emotional bond.

Clear Quartz To Heal Any Health Condition

If you're looking health tools that can help heal something health related you have then health crystal jewellery incorporating health crystals like clear quartz might suit you better. The most popular health crystal jewellery pieces infused with health healing properties include health stone necklaces, health stone bracelets and health stone rings which all resonate the properties of this health healing crystal to assist someone overcome any health issue: Digestive Issues -Insomnia - Anxiety - Depression - Fertility Problems By infusing your body with energy from these types of health crystal jewellery containing clear quartz you are helping create a vibrational force field around your body which attracts beneficial physical, mental and emotional sensations into your life. Even health sceptics who don't believe in health crystals can benefit health positively from health crystal jewellery because they are like health water for your body as they carry health vibrations that help heal you.

Health Bead Bracelet To Relieve Stress

For example, health sceptics who wear health bead bracelets containing clear quartz have been found to: Feel more relaxed - Feel more energized - Have healthier skin - Experience less health fatigue Please note: It is recommended that you consult a qualified practitioner of alternative health services before making any changes to your existing health treatments. High-quality stone beads that can be incorporated into health crystal jewellery include amethyst, rose quartz and citrine which all offer natural healing properties that can balance an individual's health body, mind and emotions when used within spiritual health jewellery.

Whether you are looking for healing, wellbeing or just a sense of peace and
tranquility in your life, crystals can help. You have likely heard about the benefits of crystal health but now is your chance to find out more! We invite you to browse our site for information on how crystals work and what they can do for you. If this sounds like something that may benefit from shopping with us then take a look at some of our pieces below before making up your mind.
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