Have you heard of the power of crystals for fertility and pregnancy? The truth is that there are many crystal jewellery pieces to help enhance your chances of having a smooth pregnancy. There can be minor discomforts during the course of a normal and healthy pregnancy but some women may experience more serious health issues like UTIs, varicose veins, blood pressure problems and even pre-eclampsia or HELLP syndrome (a life-threatening condition). Even if these do not occur, there are physiological changes that include sleeplessness, mood swings and an increased sense of smell. It's only natural that heightened emotions arise when trying to conceive or when pregnant. Stress levels increase due to lifestyle changes too. All this calls for effective coping techniques.

Crystals are said to activate a woman's own natural healing abilities, bringing her into balance physically, emotionally and spiritually. When a woman is in this state, she can effectively deal with the changes that occur during pregnancy. It is also believed that if you channel your energy positively towards having a healthy baby, you will have better results than those who do not believe in crystal healing.

Here are some of the crystals that may help you have a more comfortable
pregnancy and delivery.

Amethyst: Amethyst is one of the best known crystals for fertility and protection during pregnancy. It can also be effective in helping to deal with morning sickness or nausea that some women experience during early pregnancy. As this crystal has been treasured throughout history, it brings wisdom into your life. When you wear an amethyst necklace, bracelet or ring, it also helps channel your energy positively towards having a healthy baby by realigning both mind and body so that we are working harmoniously together toward accomplishing our mission as women - giving birth to new life. This amazing crystal is powerful enough to keep you calm even when you're angry or annoyed because of the changes your body goes through due to hormonal changes. It can also keep you calm when you're worried about the baby's health or when to expect your next

Crystal Quartz: This is a powerful stone used for healing and amplifying energies of other crystals, making it effective in treating infertility. If you're not pregnant yet but want to get pregnant soon, carrying around a crystal quartz with you will help increase fertility by clearing away negative or destructive thoughts while enhancing positive ones like hope and optimism that help create the right environment for conception. In general, any type of crystal quartz necklace will make you feel more energised while protecting against negativity coming from people who are jealous of your pregnancy or jealous that they themselves are not pregnant. The amplified energy from wearing this crystal may give a boost in your self-confidence and make you feel that you can do anything.

Crystal Quartz is also used as an effective pain reliever for mild discomforts during pregnancy like backaches, heartburn, sore muscles or swollen feet. If you are feeling very stressed out, this crystal can help relieve tension in the body by clearing away negativity while enhancing a sense of calmness and stability within yourself. It will also absorb any negative energies directed at the baby making it safer to carry around in your pocket.

People often believe that crystals work only when they are touching the body because their frequencies pass into our energetic field via the skin's ability to conduct electricity as well as by electromagnetic radiation from the human aura. Contrary to this belief, crystals actually transmit energy even when they're just lying on a table!

Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra and it encourages love, affection and care for one another especially if you are pregnant with your first child. This crystal will help create an environment in which the baby can thrive inside without being too stressed out or over-anxious about life outside of your womb. If you are trying to conceive during stressful times or if there can be no more babies after this pregnancy, rose quartz will support the healing process by clearing away negative memories while enhancing positive ones. It also helps channel energy positively towards having a healthy baby by realigning mind, body and spirit together so that we are working harmoniously as women for our common mission - giving birth to new life. This beautiful crystal is calming and soothing to the mind, body and spirit so that you can feel peaceful inside while giving birth to a new human being into this world.

Rose Quartz: For Nausea & Morning Sickness

Most pregnant women are having morning sickness or nausea during early
pregnancy because of hormonal changes in their body but some get it
throughout the entire nine months. If you're having a hard time with nausea, you can try wearing crystal bracelets to help ease the pain and discomfort because they are known to absorb negative energies while emitting positive ones.

This beautiful stone activates the heart chakra which makes it very effective in relieving feelings of isolation, rejection or abandonment as well as suppressing anger and hatred. It helps us love ourselves more and thus, radiate this energy to those around us. It has a very soothing effect on the mind, body and soul : it is calming yet energising because of its pink hue which means we can relax while also recharging our energies for another day at work.

Crystal Quartz: For Soothing Unmanaged Pain

This crystal emits positive vibes that will give you strength to go through labor pain without getting too much stress out of it while still remaining relaxed and open to receive your baby's energies from the moment she enters this world. The sun rays emitting from within the crystals banishes feelings of anger, hatred or conflict so that everything goes smoothly during childbirth. It is good to wear in labour by connecting it with the crown chakra to help you be in sync with your baby.

Malachite: For Stabilising Your Mood

Malachite is best known for balancing emotions, easing emotional and mental stress as well as bringing much-needed energy to the body in times of fatigue. It will keep you optimised during pregnancy by absorbing negative energies while enhancing positive ones so that you're in a good mood most of the time. If you are feeling sad or frustrated about getting pregnant after several tries, this crystal can help to clear away these feelings of failure and encourage feelings of happiness instead.

It also brings prosperity when worn on your body so that everything goes
smoothly with your pregnancy including childbirth because it helps control
emotions which could lead to anxiety, it clears away all negativity from your life which would attract bad luck and it helps to balance energies in the body so that you can receive your baby's positive vibrations. Crystal jewellery is believed to have healing properties even if they're not being worn, but when coupled with a chakra bracelet , especially for pregnancy, they help maintain your calm and serenity. I pray for all women who are trying to conceive or going through childbirth because I know how stressful this period of life could be. May we all give birth to healthy babies! For more information about crystals for celiac disease

Aquamarine: For Encouraging Pregnancy

Aquamarine has been worn by women who are trying to get pregnant because it is believed to encourage pregnancy probabilities. It could be used in conjunction with any fertility crystal such as Rose Quartz or Green Aventurine. The colour is calming, soothing and relaxing so that you can remain peaceful. It also helps control emotions of fear, panic or anxiety which are known to slow down conception and even cause miscarriage. If you feel like having a baby would be impossible for you due to financial reasons, Aquamarine will help boost your confidence while making your dreams come true!

Blue Calcite: For Enhancing Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

If you're looking for a natural alternative to regulating your menstrual cycle and you're trying to conceive, Blue Calcite will help. This crystal is highly effective in bringing energy into the body which helps regulate periods, prevent miscarriage as well as encourage fertility. It's a protective stone that will also shield the baby against negative energies of those who don't want you to have a child so that all goes smoothly with your pregnancy!

Moonstone: For Balancing The Menstrual Cycle

Moonstone is the mother of all crystals- it can help with almost anything and
everything, especially when worn in a chakra bracelet! It balances menstruation as well as regulates periods so that conception will be easier. Because this crystal has been associated with the Moon, it's also known to attract and retain energies from the Moon so that your period flows smoothly. This crystal eases labor pains by helping you feel relaxed and peaceful which makes childbirth less painful than ever before!

Did you know that there are actually many crystal jewellery pieces to help
enhance your chances of having a smooth pregnancy?

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