The healing power of crystals has been well-known since antiquity. Today, scientific research is confirming this ancient knowledge.

Crystals are simple chemical compounds that can be formed naturally from
elements sourced from the earth (usually quartz or rock crystal). The
characteristics of these natural formations, including shape, texture and colour can vary greatly depending on the place of origin and concentration of their element content. For thousands of years, crystals have been used to heal all kinds health issues, both physical and emotional.

Natural crystals have many health benefits because they contain a wide range of water-soluble minerals such as lithium which when dissolved in drinking water helps to relieve stress-related depression according to medical studies by Dr. Norman Shealy into the health benefits of crystals.

The health benefits of crystals have been discovered by many health
practitioners including naturopaths, homeopaths and Chinese medicine

Crystals are used to treat health conditions for a number of reasons: they help to dissolve negative energy; stimulate the body's energy field which can affect physical health; concentrate healing energies like those from the sun or mountains that can restore health and well-being; as amulets that may be worn to ward of bad luck or enable good health; or even just for their beauty.

Natural crystal gemstones for health purposes such as quartz, rose quartz,
amethyst, tourmaline, agate etc provide a range of health benefits either when used in their natural form or when added to water. For example, crystals can be easily incorporated into health supplements or functional drinks to help health conditions such as insomnia and stress-related issues as well as physical health conditions such as allergies and colds. In some cases, the colour of a crystal may even affect health - for instance, red jasper is known to boost blood circulation and healing.

Crystals are also believed to have an effect on health simply by coming in
contact with the human skin when worn in jewellery form (crystal healing
bracelets). Their natural energy emitted from the body and natural shape
appears to have a beneficial effect on vitality levels: they induce a feeling of
wellbeing that seems to facilitate better health overall.

Natural crystals like quartz are found in a range of forms which can benefit
health in a number of ways. Firstly, quartz crystals produce negative ions when exposed to sunlight or artificial light. Negative ions are known to aid health because they have an environmental effect on health: they give the air we breathe a positively charged electrical charge that cleanses and activates the body by neutralising harmful positive ions (or free radicals) produced by common household, office and industrial pollutants.

Energised water with natural crystals has also been shown to heal health issues: by drinking this crystal water, patients had no need for pain-relieving surgery or other treatments like chemotherapy that may harm health in the long term due to their ability to increase energy levels in cells thus helping them fight disease naturally. Simply by adding natural crystals like quartz to drinking water every day health issues can be treated and health problems avoided.

Another health benefit of crystals is that they are believed to "conduct" universal healing energies. In this respect, they may also help with health simply by being worn as jewellery or by lying on the skin (e.g. crystal healing bracelets).

Natural crystals have been used for health purposes for thousands of years,
especially in Asia where there is a long tradition of both using and collecting
them as amulets to ward of disease and ill-health - some of these older
methods are still practiced today. It seems that the use of natural crystals is
experiencing a health boom at present: people everywhere are discovering how easy is to use health crystals to treat health problems naturally.

If you also like to drink lots of water, why not try a healing crystal water bottle? These health water bottles look great, can be used as a health gift and are also ideal for storing health drinks such as crystals in natural water. For health purposes, they can be used to drink health water that has energy-enhancing natural crystals added during the preparation process (for example quartz) - this health water is believed to have an even stronger rejuvenating effect than drinking ordinary tap as it contains negative ions and other health-boosting features that help health naturally. The healing crystal water can also be stored in a health bottle for future use: simply fill your health bottle up with healthy mineral or spring water, add any desired natural crystals and shake the bottle around so that the crystals dissolve into the water. In this way you will always have ready access to energise health water although you may need to re-energise the water by shaking it regularly if it sits still for a long time.

We hope this blog post has given you a better understanding of the power that crystals have to heal. If there is one thing we’ve learned from our experience with these stones, it’s that they can help in so many ways and are extremely versatile. Whether you need a crystal for healing or protection, whether it be physical illness or emotional wounds, there is something out there for everyone on their journey towards health and wellness.

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