Crystal jewellery is a beautiful and holistic way to bring positive energy into your life. There are many different crystal jewellery pieces, including everything from crystal necklaces to crystal bracelets.

Although crystal jewellery can be worn by anyone, it carries special significance for those on the spiritual journey. Crystal jewellery is also known for its healing and protective properties and can be particularly useful when you are going through periods of stress or spiritual growth. Furthermore, it has been shown to enhance your mood by bringing you more positive energy.

To get the most out of crystal jewellery, it is important to understand how it works and what the different crystal types are. This guide will help you do just that!

First off, let's look at some basic crystal knowledge before diving into specific crystal jewellery pieces.

Chakra Crystals

When you're first beginning with crystal jewellery, you should start with a chakra bracelet or necklace. Chakra crystals can help balance the energy of your body's seven Chakras (energy centres) and keep you grounded and energized.

Chakra crystal jewellery can come in the form of a bracelet, necklace or ring depending on your personal preference. Ideally, you should have one for each Chakra to ensure that they're all being balanced equally:

 - Root Chakra: grounding crystal such as black tourmaline or red jasper

- Sacral Chakra: crystal to restore balance such as watermelon tourmaline or moonstone

- Solar Plexus Chakra: a crystal that helps you think clearly and energize, for example, citrine

- Heart Chakra: a crystal that brings love into your life, such as rose quartz

- Throat Chakra: crystal to improve communication, for example, aquamarine

- Third Eye Chakra: a crystal that helps you see the big picture and receive spiritual guidance such as amazonite or celestite

- Crown Chakra: a crystal that connects you with your spirituality and higher self such as amethyst. You can also use clear quartz crystal in place of amethyst.

There are also crystal jewellery pieces that help you to align all of your Chakras together, such as a crystal chakra necklace or crystal bracelet set.

Crystals for Protection

One of the most popular reasons to wear crystal jewellery is for its protective properties.

Crystals that are particularly well-known for their protective powers include rock crystal quartz, hematite and smoky quartz. You can also use crystal jewellery to protect other crystals or even your personal space!

For example, black tourmaline can repel negative energy and harmful radiation. You can use crystal jewellery to protect yourself from this negative energy by wearing a black tourmaline bracelet or necklace.

Crystals to Improve Your Mood

Some crystal jewellery has the power to improve your mood, giving you a boost of happiness and positivity.

For example, citrine crystal jewellery is associated with positive thinking and optimism. It also helps promote mental clarity as well as reduces anxiety or stress by calming negative emotions. You can wear crystal jewellery with citrine crystal to help your mind focus on the positive.

Crystals for Healing and Balance

Another popular reason why people wear crystal jewellery is that it has healing properties. Some of these crystals can even enhance your mood, which makes them perfect for those suffering from depression or anxiety. If you're looking for crystal necklaces to help you feel happier, consider crystal jewellery with rose quartz crystal or smoky quartz crystal.

Rose quartz is the perfect crystal for self-love and feeling more comfortable in your skin because it helps heal issues of low self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness. Meanwhile, smoky quartz has a grounding effect that can help you feel more relaxed and calm.

You can also use crystal jewellery to enhance the healing properties of other crystals or herbs that you're using. For example, crystal bracelets and necklaces with amethyst crystals are known for their power as a pain reliever such as headaches and migraines. You can wear crystal jewellery with amethyst crystal during your next headache attack to help relieve the pain and discomfort.

Crystal jewellery can also help you to balance your energy, which is why crystal bracelets are a popular choice for those who get easily overwhelmed or stressed out.

Crystals You Can Wear All Day Long

Crystal jewellery is usually lightweight and comfortable enough that you can wear it all day long without any problems.

For example, crystal necklaces with crystal pendants such as rose quartz crystal or citrine crystal are perfect for when you need to add a little sparkle and shine to your life. These crystal jewellery pieces are simple, but their neutral colours make them easy to pair with other accessories.

Crystal bracelets such as one made of amethyst crystal is another popular option for crystal bracelet sets that you can wear all day long. This type of crystal jewellery piece typically comes in neutral hues like grey or brown so it'll match just about anything in your wardrobe.

You can also wear crystal jewellery to work or school by wearing crystal earrings such as citrine crystal studs. These crystal jewellery pieces are lightweight and comfortable so you'll hardly notice that they're part of your outfit!

Crystals for All Types of Occasions

Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or special event you're attending, crystal jewellery is a great way to add some extra sparkle and shine.

For example, crystal earrings such as amethyst crystal studs make the perfect birthday gift for friends who love crystals since they can wear these crystal accessories all year round! Meanwhile, crystal pendants like rose quartz necklaces are the perfect crystal jewellery pieces for your next special event or holiday where you want to add some extra sparkle.

These crystal necklaces are also a popular choice because they come with different crystal pendants in neutral hues that match just about anything. You can wear crystal earrings, bracelets, and necklaces all at the same time if you want to add a crystal jewellery piece to every outfit.

Crystal jewellery is usually lightweight so you'll hardly even notice that they're part of your outfit. They have healing properties which means that they make the perfect crystal accessories for crystal healing, crystal therapy, and crystal meditation.

So if you're interested in adding crystal jewellery to your outfit but aren't sure where to start with crystal bracelets or other types of crystal jewellery pieces then this beginner's guide will give you all the information that you need.

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