Crystal jewellery is a great choice of accessories because not only that it looks beautiful, it can also bring many positive benefits to the wearer. Quality crystal jewellery is not only stunning and luxurious but in addition, it can promote positivity in your life.

Benefits of Crystal Jewellery

The many benefits you can experience with crystal jewellery are all dependent on the crystal you choose. For example, amethyst is known to promote mental clarity and calmness while rose quartz can help with love issues or problems related to your heart.

There are crystal jewellery sets that can help with a variety of different issues depending on the crystal you choose to wear. For example, if you want to attract love into your life but also need some assistance with self-love, rose quartz and amethyst together could be great for this purpose.

By using crystal jewellery as a tool in your life, you can shift your energies into a more positive state which will help enhance happiness and wellness.

Characteristics of an Excellent Quality Crystal Jewellery

Some crystal jewellery pieces may look beautiful but in truth, they contain low-quality crystals or have been poorly crafted using poor materials. If you’re buying crystal jewellery as a gift for someone special this can be disappointing because it won’t have the effect you were hoping it would.

When looking to purchase crystal jewellery, it is important to find high-quality crystal jewellery pieces. There are many different qualities of crystal available on the market but you should choose carefully depending on what type of crystal jewellery you’re looking for and who the gift will be presented to (e.g., rose quartz may not be suitable as a wedding gift).

The characteristics of good crystal jewellery are usually marked by the crystal’s clarity, the way it has been crafted and whether or not it contains any crystal inclusions.

- good quality crystal jewellery should have a crystal that is clear with no visible imperfections

- well-crafted pieces will be smooth to touch without rough edges where the crystals are set into the crystal base

- there shouldn’t be any crystal inclusions, this is when there are tiny imperfections within the crystal itself

A crystal jewellery piece that is made with these characteristics will create a lot of positivity and bring more benefits to the wearer.

This leads us to a question, as a buyer, how can we check crystal jewellery quality? In this blog post, we will provide a quality checklist to help you check the quality of crystal jewellery before you make a purchase.

Crystal Jewellery Quality Checklist

It is extremely important to check crystal jewellery quality before you buy. This means examining the crystal carefully for any imperfections, inspecting the crystal setting and looking at all of the other components in detail so that you can tell whether or not it has been crafted with care.

Use this checklist to help you check the quality of the crystal jewellery you wish to purchase:

- Check for imperfections in the crystal stone. If there is any cloudiness, discolouration or bubbles on the surface of a crystal gemstone, then it could be a fake crystal.

-Check if crystal jewellery contains any crystal inclusions by looking closely at the surface of the crystal gemstone through a loupe (a small magnifying glass). If crystal jewellery contains crystal inclusions, it will not be able to channel energies effectively.

- Check for flaws in shape and design. Look at the quality of the crystal setting and gemstones used on the piece of crystal jewellery you are wanting to buy. A well-cut and polished gem should have symmetrical facets with sharp edges and crisp corners. Blemishes such as chips or scratches will affect its value significantly, so make sure to look closely at all angles before making a purchase decision! Ensure that they are well crafted with no rough edges or sharp points which could damage the fabric or your skin.

- If crystal jewellery has been crafted with gold or silver, ensure that there is no wear and tear on the metalwork, particularly around the area where it attaches to crystal gemstones (e.g., prongs). Also, check for signs of oxidation in case they haven’t been polished well enough after coming into contact with skin oils and sweat.

- If you are buying crystal jewellery online, make sure it has an accurate description of the crystal gemstone used in the piece and check that there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors when reading through product descriptions. This will tell you a lot about the crystal jewellery business and how much effort they have put into selling quality crystal jewellery.

- If possible, ask for pictures of both sides of crystal gemstones! There can be stunning designs on each side which may not be visible from just one image so make sure to get as many images as possible before making a purchase.

- Ask about warranties when shopping online (or offline if you're buying crystal jewellery in person). A trusted crystal jewellery seller will be happy to provide crystal jewellery warranties and lifetime guarantees for your crystal pieces, so make sure you ask the right questions when buying. A crystal jewellery piece with a warranty is generally of higher quality than one without.

- Consider whether or not crystal jewellery can bring positive energies into a situation by asking yourself how it will benefit its wearer. Is this crystal specific? For example, rose quartz is known as "the love crystal" for its ability to attract love into your life, so crystal jewellery containing rose quartz is ideal as a wedding gift. Always read the product details before making a purchase. Some crystal gemstones are not suitable for all types of jewellery, so make sure that you check this to avoid any issues later on!

If you follow these guidelines when checking crystal quality then it should be very easy to find crystal jewellery that meets your expectations. We hope this checklist helps you in finding your next crystal jewellery.

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